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Benetton Group furthers its long-standing commitment to consumer safety and the environment

Ponzano, Italy – January 16, 2013. Benetton Group announced today that it is furthering its existing commitment to environmental and social sustainability by joining Greenpeace’s Detox Program. Through its participation to the Program, the Company will help lead global effort to eliminate the use of any hazardous chemicals across the textile industry globally by 2020.

Xổ số miền nam chủ nhậtBenetton Group’s products have long met some of the strictest international consumer safety-driven manufacturing standards across all its product lines. This already allows Benetton Group’s products, among other things, to bear the ECO SAFE mark. By joining the Detox Program, Benetton Group will put in place additional measures across its entire supply chain that will allow for the implementation of even stricter standards and ensure that no hazardous chemicals are used by any suppliers it employs.

Benetton Group has a long history of environmentally and socially responsible business practices. For this reason, this initiative is part of the Company’s next phase in its path to ensure ongoing improvement in its long-standing commitment to consumer safety as well as to the communities in Italy and around the world living around the facilities in which the Company’s products are manufactured.

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