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Benetton: A new italian story

In the European fashion press The story of the Benetton Spring/Summer 2014 campaign

Benetton Magazine

Ponzano, 20 February 2014. Behold Woman. In the campaign created for Spring/Summer 2014, the new Benetton woman tells an Italian story of style and elegance. The new campaign, presented in Benetton MagazineXổ số miền nam chủ nhật – a multi-page spread in the main Italian and European fashion publications and online platforms – will run from mid-February.

Benetton Magazine will serialise the new Spring/Summer United Colors of Benetton collection every week through June. The focus will be on the elegance and sense of style that come from being Italian, the history of the brand and the research that traces its roots to one of Benetton’s founding values: that you have to know your past to be able to innovate.


Benetton Magazine

The four pages of each instalment of Benetton Magazine seek to define today’s woman: cosmopolitan and naturally elegant, she likes to dress casually, mixing and matching different garments and accessories which all share the Italian style of the United Colors of Benetton brand – a style universally recognised as encompassing design, taste, a sense of history and beauty.

All these values are incorporated in the United Colors of Benetton collection, conceived in its entirety by Italian designers and stylists. These values are then “expressed” in the campaign by leading models with a strong connection to Italy: Elettra Wiedemann, Barbara di Creddo, Alessandra Mastronardi and Emilia Carli. They are the ideal ambassadors for Benetton style, presenting pieces that are classic and trendy, as well as comfortable and characterized by style details – all united by a common thread: a return to femininity and quality.


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