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Benetton plays at home

The Autumn/Winter 1997/98 catalogue features the Group’s own personnel

microphoneBenetton’s new Autumn/Winter ‘97/’98 catalogue features the Group’s own personnel, transported by Oliviero Toscani’s lens in a dynamic, magical, ironic Helzapoppin-style game. After the citizens of the Gaza Strip and the young people of Corleone, this time the new clothing collection is presented by those whose day-to-day role is to design, research, produce, administrate, communicate, co-ordinate and manage at Benetton.

The use of the Benetton staff in the new catalogue adds a special irony, showing how the Group differs from the usual company stereotype: the managing director and finance managers skip around the lawn of Villa Minelli in sweatshirt and pyjamas; the pilots and crew of Ben Air take off in more ways than one; the Benetton siblings joke about their role; the production staff pose against a background of pure white wool; the communications specialists are held hostage by the cameras and microphones of MTV; the general manager, in vest and boxer shorts, displays his rippling torso; the designers of Undercolors uncover their hidden qualities; the students from Fabrica show off their talents; the kitchen staff instigate a symbolic uprising of pots and pans.

Xổ số miền nam chủ nhậtEveryday reality, in this case mediated by irony, is transformed into communication. Benetton’s dynamic and creative philosophy finds expression in a smile, its openness-to-the-world in a parade of faces, gestures, attitudes and colours. The garments of the Autumn/Winter collection are already a part of everyday reality: Benetton dresses for life.


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