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Colors 56: Violence

Everyone wants peace. Some pray, some pay and some even fight for it. So with everyone looking for peace, welcome to COLORS 56: Violence. It’s a look at the how we fight, hit, beat each other up, curse, scream, take revenge and insult. Think of it as a kind of global study of how we hurt each other. The world tour starts here: One day’s violence, 20 countries, March 20, 2003.

Biblián, Ecuador: A drunken schoolteacher attacks eight of his 10-year-old students with a broomstick for accepting cookies offered to them by the school nurse. Malaika, Kenya: Irate villagers set fire to a police station, a bar, shop, butcher’s, bookshop and hotel to protest the murder of a man killed by local police. Prawase, Thailand: Two security guards are killed instantly when a grenade explodes in a parking lot. Rocheville, France: Charles Clerc, 91, a military veteran, shoots his daughter Paulette, 68, and then turns the gun on himself. Bogotá, Colombia: After receiving a fine for driving down the wrong side of the road, taxi driver Annover Álvarado Pinto shoots a traffic police officer in the back six times. El Almendro, Nicaragua: A nine-year-old boy is tortured, raped and killed by repeated blows with a machete. Okehi, Nigeria: More than 15 armed men attack supporters of Governor Peter Odili with guns and stones. London, UK: Carl Baxter, 36, slits his wrists in a courtroom after being sentenced to two years in prison for deliberately reversing his Range Rover into a bicycle carrying Stephen Kirwin, 52, and his daughter Emily, 4. Oristano, Italy: A group of young boys set fire to a palm tree and run away. Bukit Batok, Singapore: After repeatedly warning her five-year-old son not to play with knives, a woman gets so upset when she sees him cutting a slice of bread that she grabs the 20cm-long blade from him and slashes his hands, almost severing his right index finger. Karachi, Pakistan: A motor coach kills a 13-year-old cyclist at the Peoples’ Roundabout near the police station. Witnesses says it was “recklessly driven.” Durham, USA: A man kidnaps his ex-wife and then leads the police on a high-speed chase during which one officer crashes into a ditch to avoid an oncoming truck. The officer survives. Buenos Aires, Argentina: A thief is shot dead by the police after he threatens a man sitting on a bench with a pistol and steals his wallet. Oma, Spain: Pro-ETA Basque separatists deface Oma Forest, an open-air work of art by Basque artist Agustin Ibarrola. They cover it with graffiti reading “Ibarrola, Spanish. ETA, kill him.” BELO HORIZONTE, BRASIL: The inhabitants of the area destroy a bus at Cruseiro do Sul during a protest against the bus-timetables.  Alberton, South Africa: A 14-year-old boy shoots and kills his 16-year-old friend after the older boy teases him about “being high.” They had been smoking marijuana together. Baghdad, Iraq: Baghdad is bombed by seven US aircraft, and 40 satellite-guided Tomahawk cruise missiles are launched at targets in the city, marking the beginning of the US and British-led “Operation Iraqi Freedom.” Galnewa, Sri Lanka: A reserve police constable visiting the village to attend a funeral is arbitrarily assaulted by Galnewa police officers, who kick him in the chest and slap him in the face before chasing him out of the police station. HENDERSON, NEW ZEALAND: A 55-year-old man kills a 28-year-old Thai national and assaults a 30-year-old woman. No motives are given. San Francisco Tlatenco, Mexico: Fifteen youths ambush five trucks transporting pharmaceutical products to the city of Puebla. They beat Cristino Garibaldi, one of the drivers, with their guns before stealing the cargo.

COLORS 56: Violence. On sale May 31st, 2003


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