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COLORS 80 – Superheroes

The magazine that “talks about the rest of the world” blends words with pictures in a completely illustrated edition.With contributions from Gino Strada and Cameron Sinclair, founders of Emergency and Architecture for Humanity respectively, and the Cuban blogger and activist Yoani Sánchez.

colors80_cover.jpgTreviso, April 2011. The eightieth issue of COLORS celebrates the Superheroes of our dayXổ số miền nam chủ nhật: men and women, weak or strong, rich or poor, all united by a common wish: the good of people and of the world. “Real” people who do extraordinary things for others, and who, in different ways, contribute to improving society.

In the cartoon world, characters like Batman, Wonder Woman or Superman fight the baddies using their superpowers, alter egos and exceptional abilities, but unfortunately only in our imagination. COLORS has met some real-life superheroes, who face the baddies of our everyday world with courage and self-sacrifice: the damage caused by the collapse of economies and by rampant pollution, the destruction caused by wars, the poverty of ignorance and atrocities.

Like Kru Nam, a Thai woman who fights against child prostitution. The first time she went into a brothel, Kru Nam acted instinctively, and did not negotiate with the owner. Her mission was clear: to save as many children as possible. Currently 126 children find refuge and an education under her wing. Or the Cambodian Khmer Aki Ra, a former child soldier trained by the Khmer Rouge regime to lay land mines, who, at the age of twenty, realised the consequences of his actions, and decided to try to put things right, dedicating his life to clearing his country of mines. Aki Ra works with makeshift tools in remote villages where the United Nations do not go. He recently deactivated his 50,000th landmine. Luis Soriano is better known under the name of ‘Biblio Burro’, a kind of mobile library. With his two donkeys, Alpha and Beta, he takes books and education to the remote villages of the Colombian jungle, where no-one dares to go because of the guerrilla wars and the inaccessibility of the areas. Another key figure is Julian Assange, ex-hacker, who was recently thrown into the limelight after challenging the secrecy of the world’s most powerful governments and corporations by publishing their unethical activities on the website WikiLeaks.

This issue of COLORS will go a step beyond photographic reportage, and will be completely illustrated Xổ số miền nam chủ nhậtby renowned and emerging international artists. Through illustrated narration, they have sought to give shape to those subtle sensations that photographic investigation sometimes fails to capture.

Several major figures have contributed to the production of Superheroes with their stories: Gino Strada, founding father of Emergency; Cameron Sinclair, co-founder of Architecture for Humanity, a humanitarian organisation based on the idea that, where resources are scarce, an innovative, sustainable and collaborative design can make the difference, and the Cuban journalist Yoani Sánchez, chosen by Time Magazine in 2008 as one of the as the creator of Generación Y, a blog translated into 21 languages, in which she regularly publishes stories on life in Cuba, marked by a tone strongly critical of the government.

Also in this edition, a special homage is dedicated to the extraordinary feats of Angelo D’ArrigoXổ số miền nam chủ nhật, “the bird man”, holder of the world record for flying a hang-glider over Everest, and over the Mediterranean. Angelo amazed the world with his exploits, which combined adventure with respect for nature and protection of endangered species, such as the Siberian cranes that he accompanied on their migration, having worked with them since they hatched as chicks. Angelo died in 2006, soon before his planned trip to Peru, where he was to fly over the Andes with his two condors, as part of a repopulation project for the species. COLORS will imagine this adventure.

COLORS 80 – Superheroes

Due for release this spring in four bilingual editions (English + Italian, French, Spanish and Korean).

Available for purchase online at the website

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