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An exclusive MILO MANARA capsule collection

manara_210pxl.jpgPonzano, May 2011. I desire, therefore I am: Sisley’s new capsule collection, the fruit of the brand’s work with the world-renowned comic book artist and illustrator Milo Manara, is based on their shared, nonconformist vision and seeks to revive a vibrant notion of seduction and eroticism in which each woman and man is a transparent, free, conscious “subject” of desire. After the Sisley Art Project centred on Andy Warhol’s style and artistic innovation, Sisley continues its partnerships with different artists who all have the ability to engage with various tastes and lifestyles and to interact with our time in a spirit of independence and vitality. Through this project, Sisley reaffirms its status as an independent brand targeting people who want to express their personality and their right to choose freely whatever they want to wear, with no constrictions.

Xổ số miền nam chủ nhậtSisley’s exclusive MILO MANARA collection for Spring Summer 2011 includes men’s and women’s styles embellished with creations by the artist from Verona: portraits, illustrations and whole comic strips come to life on Sisley’s clothes and around the wearer’s body. Black-and-white prints, sometimes with sparkling elements, and colour prints faithfully reproduce different drawing techniques, from chalk to acrylics, to recount the adventures of numerous female characters. A new creature created especially for the collection joins Manara’s well-known fabulous, free women. A provocative young woman in a top, with an ironic “Sisley censored” on her derrière.

The capsule collection’s styles will be available in a wide number of Sisley shops and sold in dedicated shopping bags. The clothes display simple styling and colours. For her, T-shirts, tops, flammé white, black and grey organic cotton mini dresses, fleece miniskirts and dark denim shorts. For him, cotton T-shirts. The collection is rounded off by a number of unisex accessories – bags, shopping bags, beach towels and ankle-height sneakers – which can be easily mixed and matched with the summer collection and the many denim articles.

The logo for the women’s range is a pair of slightly parted lips which seem to whisper “Sisley”, while the men’s clothes bear the classic, distinctive Manara cartouche. For men and women, an art collection for everyday wear, in a daily expression of freedom for our body and our desires. With Sisley, an independent brand.


Maurilio Manara, known professionally as Milo, was born in Luson (province of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy) on 12 September 1945. An internationally-famous comic book writer and illustrator, his work is published around the world. His collaborative works with Federico Fellini, Hugo Pratt, Pedro Almodovar, Luc Besson and Valentino Rossi are widely renowned. Among the works which built his reputation areButterscotch, Hidden Camera, Giuseppe Bergman, Indian Summer, El Gaucho, Click, Gulliveriana,Trip to Tulum and Quarantasei. Milo Manara’s unmistakable signature, a cartouche, is synonymous with beauty, perfection and sensuality; today, it is also a highly appreciated licensing brand with more than fifteen licences throughout the world.

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