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I wear, therefore I am: Spring/Summer by Sisley

Sisley S/S 2013Fashion? A question of instinct. Our deepest desires provide the lines and colours of the new 2013 Sisley Summer collection. It has the impulsive appeal of clothes designed to amaze us with their very personal charm. An explosion of outrageous, independent colours bursts onto floral-printed clothes, reawakening a fashion feeling that perhaps had dimmed in the winter months but is once again ready to play with sparkling shades and new optical effects. Sunny yellow and jumbo prints on a bouquet of fabrics which choose the garden as the “terrain to explore”. Must-have items: structured, brash short jackets (in fabric or denim) and fleece tops with unusual volumes.

True attitude shines forth among shades of black ready to soften patchwork fabrics in ocean colours.
The most darkest of tones unleashes its rebellious spirit among gradient-dyed tunics and lunar-inspired abstract prints with alternating glossy and matt textures that illuminate evening darkness on brocades and metallic fabrics. There are satin and denim (distressed or printed) daytime shorts, which, when worn with lace-inlaid blouses, broaden black’s seductive effect to include the strong daywear of the femme fatale.

A primordial, earthy feeling of pleasure embraces the colours of nature. To indulge in its original forms amidst flowing lines and fluid materials, ochre and dusky-blue shades; where all-over printed peplums rediscover the enchantment of flower motifs and the elegance of unexpected headscarf prints. Checkmate to volume in a harmony of jeans and gradient-dyed trousers.

Xổ số miền nam chủ nhậtAnd for him? Fear not, the dandy is always just around the corner. From the timeless one (with check-patterned, close-fitting suits and paisley shirts) to the 2.0 version who cuts a dash in army jackets with a knitted waistcoat or leather jackets with skinny trousers that nonetheless have a pleat. Leisure wear gives full rein to colour, but only if softened by a touch of eccentricity. Indigo and fuchsia are the main colours of trousers and cardigans, even in details, creating a look that may be irreverent but … it’s still willing to come to terms with an all-purpose denim.

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