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Luciano Benetton inaugurates the new Ljubljana megastore with a big youth-oriented It’s My Time event

One of Benetton’s biggest shops in Eastern Europe opens in Ljubljana

banner_lubiana_210.jpgLjubljana, 24 March 2011. At 3pm on 24th March, Luciano Benetton and the mayor of Ljubljana, Zoran Jankovic, will cut the ribbon at the city’s new Benetton flagship store. Over 1200 square metres set on two levels will display the complete range of United Colors of Benetton collections for adults and children, as well as the Sisley collections.

Xổ số miền nam chủ nhậtThe store is located inside the important BTC TRGOVINA – SPANSKA CESTA shopping park and will be one of Benetton’s biggest stores in Eastern Europe. The architecturally striking megastore was created by renovating the end section of an existing building with an arched roof. With the new design, a structural façade in glass has been installed to create a bold, new balance of light and proportions in the building’s front elevation.

The ground floor is devoted entirely to the Benetton Adult world, while the first floor (created by installing a gallery level accessed via stairs or elevator) offers two distinct spaces, each with its own entrance: Benetton Children and Sisley. Each collection features a specific interior design concept to distinguish the different types of merchandise, and to confer a precise identity to each brand in its own sales space.

This prestigious Slovenian flagship store will once again highlight Benetton’s image as a global company in the clothing sector and a promoter of an open, international lifestyle. On the opening day, the store will host an event linked to It’s My Time, the perpetual online platform that collects profiles for fashion castings and a host of other initiatives. The city’s young people will be invited to the store from 2pm for a casting and a photo shoot, after which a selection will be made for the Benetton communication project “Are you the Face of Ljubljana?”. The presence of local radio personality Spela Mocnik, together with music of a live DJ will set the rhythm.

Like all of south-eastern Europe (where the Group now has over 180 stores), Slovenia, is a positive and stable market for the company. Indeed, Slovenia, and Ljubljana in particular, have in recent years become a key market for the Benetton Group. Benetton is present with some 30 shops in the nation’s main cities (Ljubljana, Maribor, Celje, Krsko, Novo Mesto, Domzale, Kranj, Koper, Portoroz, Nova Gorica, Bled, Murska Sabota).