Press Releases and Statements

SISLEY Autumn/Winter 2011

collage_lb_sisley_fw1112_0.jpgWomen’s collection

HIGHLANDS FOLK – The Highlands, often a source of inspiration, allow the Sisley collection to recreate the magnificent, mysterious atmosphere of Scotland. Tartans in tones of red and black become dresses, trousers and skirts. Faux fur waistcoats and jackets add a folk touch. The main colour is black, seen throughout the theme. The lines follow the curves of the body to give a comfortable fit.

TWIGGY ROCK – This capsule collection takes everything that Swinging London taught us in the famous Sixties and gives it an updated twist. The “A” line is the main feature of a collection for outerwear, dresses and skirts, together with a closer fit in trousers. Colour jumps out from the strong contrasts of patterned fabrics and from the stripes of jersey or knits. We shouldn’t underestimate the comeback of colour blocking for a season that really rocks.

50 YEARS – The body and its curves could be the subheading for this theme in which the elegance and class typical of the Fifties is the main feature. The attention focuses on the waist, which is often emphasised through stitching, draping or belts. Dresses and skirts in fluid textiles team with very femininely-styled outerwear. The palette is composed of delicate shades of green, mauve, powder blush and pink.

CITY GLAM – Living the city life day and night in all its aspects, from the formal to the funkiest. The technical-look outerwear is destined for rather more urban solutions and is teamed with blouses rich in colour contrasts. Borrowing from the male wardrobe is allowed, of course, if it’s trousers or jackets. A sporty look is reserved for all the fleece articles: special washes give tracksuits or dresses a more laid-back look. Clothes with a shiny effect and a figure-hugging silhouette are designed especially for night life, evoking Studio 54 atmospheres.

Men’s collection

URBAN ALCHEMY – The timeless interplay of contrasts is also seen in this part of the collection, which is for those who live town life like a kind of urban “warrior”. Each piece is designed to ensure strength and comfort together with originality and tradition. Nylon and soft cottons team with wool blends and snug fleeces. As always, denim connects with every aspect of the collection. Street art inspired the graphic motifs in which digital graphic art mixes with the periodic table. The palette leans towards dark blues and greens. Moon grey emphasises pale accents. The close fit showcases this total look to best effect.

LONDON WALKING – London is increasingly the centre of attention, especially when concerning looks which interpret its most beloved symbols, like the Union Jack, the Royal Crown and Brit rock. Traditional fabrics like velvet or moleskin emphasise these characteristics and are teamed with up-to-date materials like organic cotton, nylon or yarn-dyed canvases. The palette embraces the colours of the British flag, of course, plus touches of grey and black. The decorative motifs are perfectly in keeping with the theme, while the silhouette will please both those who like figure-hugging clothes and those who prefer a comfier fit.

EACH MAN IS HIS OWN ISLAND – Travelling also means experiencing emotions generated through our discovery of different cultures and styles. Our attention is drawn to a gentleman explorer who is ready to redefine the principles of male elegance by adding his own wholly personal touch. Yarn-dyed wool fabrics, structured wools with a knitted look and woollen pressed-cloths are only a small part of what this collection offers to travel lovers.
Xổ số miền nam chủ nhật Practical garments, like trench coats, acquire new vigour when they’re matched with almost oversize trousers. Deconstructed jackets become chic for evening wear, while details like collars and zips acquire special value. Decorative motifs follow the theme; they reproduce chalcographic plates or pages stolen from a possible travel journal. Shades of blue, the strength of grey and the determination of black colour the portrait in question.