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Fresh from her success on X Factor Italy, English rock singer Skin is the face of Sisley for S/S 2016.

A free spirit, original and non-conformist Deborah Anne Dyer, better known as Skin was the natural choice for the new face of Sisley for S/S 2016. Lead vocalist with Skunk Anansie, one of the most popular rock bands in Italy, Skin perfectly personifies the brand’s mood.  A personal, provocative mix of sexy femininity and energy, an untamed touch combined with an unexpected intensity, a style that goes beyond trends, rock, sophisticated and cutting edge.
“I admired the courage of a brand such as Sisley in choosing a personality like me for its advertising campaign. And I loved the idea for the shoot, it has real character. I’m a rock singer; movement and energy are my essence”.
The campaign, shot by photographer, Federico De Angelis, is set in a photo booth. A “non-place”, where anyone can feel free to express their emotions without filters, liberating their true inner self and feelings. A tribute to the pre-selfie portrait, where the real feelings and spontaneity embodied by Skin and co-star of the shoot, model Reuben Ramacher – an androgynous mix between a ‘Seventies Mick Jagger and the David Bowie of “Heroes” – predominate. After all, Skin has always been a personality with an “original” biography and a life lived without filters, whether on stage or in her private life. Her powerful emotional charge, which shines through in her songs and her stage presence, emerges clearly in the photos.
The immediacy of the shots is a direct consequence of this free and easy spirit, as the singer said: “In the photos I was able to really be myself – ironic, crazy, over the top and funny. In other words, Skin”.  
Skin has always loved wearing black – “in a thousand shades, from glossy to dusty” – the “colour” that has always been a key feature of Sisley style.
“I’ve always loved this gender fluidity. It’s no coincidence that my muses have been women like Blondie’s Debbie Harry, Patti Smith and Grace Jones. I love wearing men’s suits with a feminine cut or a sexy lingerie dress with high heels”.
Short Bio:
Deborah Anne Dyer, born in Brixton, London of Jamaican parents, is one of the most eclectic rock singers of the past twenty years, a DJ, model and actress. In 1994 she formed the band Skunk Anansie with Cass and Ace. She had a solo career from 2001 to 2009. Skunk Anansie got back together in April 2009 and have since released 4 more Albums. Their latest, “Anarchytecture” is due for release on 15 January 2016. Openly bi-sexual, she is a champion of gay rights.