Benetton’s contribution against climate change takes form through the implementation of initiatives to reduce energy consumption and, as a result, climate-altering gas emissions, associated with the headquarters and direct stores. These projects produced significant benefits in terms of energy savings and lower CO2 emissions.
Since 2015, Benetton Group has carried out energy diagnosis tests on a representative sample of stores and in the headquarters of Ponzano and Castrette. These evaluations were repeated also in 2019 (regarding energy consumption in the previous year) and provided a snapshot of the energy consumption structure of the areas analyzed, enabling the Company to identify the major criticalities and consequently define and develop a structured energy efficiency plan.
Thanks to a project including the redistribution of workspaces and plant management and revamping, also in 2019 the Benetton Group was again successful in optimizing and reducing energy consumption in its headquarters. Similar efforts were made to improve energy efficiency in the stores with the installation of
highly efficient air conditioning systems, the use of LED lamps and the installation of self-reading energy meters.
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