Data Center
Work began in 2012 and continued through 2019 to improve the efficiency of the Ponzano Data Center, absorbing about 7% of the total energy of the campus. These interventions mainly concerned the power supply and air conditioning system of the Data Center and resulted in a reduced consumption of approximately 750 000 kWh/year. In 2019, the new power supply system for the Data Center was completed (with the integration of a second modern UPS), and is expected to reduce energy consumption by approximately 120 000 kWh in 2020.
Renewable energy
Since 2017, the energy feeding the entire Benetton campus and 67% of the stores in Italy is generated by certified renewable sources (water and ocean).
Non-commercial investments
Over one-half of the non-commercial investments made in 2019 targeted plant safety improvement. Moreover, in some of the areas of the Ponzano and Castrette factories we continued the replacement of the lighting with energyefficient, long-lasting LED bulbs. The re-lamping activity and correlated energy efficiency plan will be continued in 2020.
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