Thanks to the use of reusable metal baskets, Benetton Group saves over 1 300 tons of cardboard every year, corresponding to approximately 20 000 trees. In addition, for the purpose of fully exploiting batch size, we use boxes of different heights.
In 2019 a team was established dedicated to the analysis of alternative solutions to plastic packaging. The objective is to identify an eco-sustainable alternative to the polybag packaging used to protect United Colors of Benetton items as they move along the supply chain, during production. The options considered include paper, recycled plastic and compostable plastic. In 2019, Benetton India replaced over three and a half million plastic bags, of all sizes, with bioplastic ones composed of a biodegradable resin of organic origin.

FSC certified paper
Catalogues, brochures and other paper-based communication materials used by the Benetton Group are made with paper certified by FSC. Forest Stewardship Council is a global trademark identifying products derived from controlled forests managed according to social and environmental sustainability criteria. FSC paper is also used for the store shoppers and treated with water-based inks. Cardboard suppliers are also selected according to these criteria: four in six are FSC certified. 80% of our cardboard boxes are made of recycled material, resulting in 1 800 tons of cardboard and 2 340 tons of CO2 emissions “saved”.
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