Benetton Group’s core business is knitwear and outstanding quality wool is a must. In 2019, we implemented and confirmed a series of initiatives to obtain certification of the quality of our wool, a fiber that can be regenerated, and to consolidate our position as global stakeholder for all the decisions that involve the queen of all of the fibers we use.
Since 2017, the quality of our wool is certified by Woolmark, a global authority for wool. Its brand on our products provides assurance to consumers on the fact that our products have been rigorously tested and stand out for their absolute quality.
In 2017, we were the first fashion company in Europe to join the IWTO, the International Wool Textile Organization. As members, we will be constantly updated on the latest news in the industry, we will promote a dialogue with the other players, share costs and decisions, reduce risks, maximize resources and influence the choices that shape the future of the wool market at the global level.